Roni Davis

Learn how to heal your relationship with food, yourself and your body so you can live the healthy, happy life you deserve.

If you've been yo-yo dieting & struggling with food, I know what you're going through. I spent over two decades in the same place.


You've probably been dieting for many years and you know they're not working for you.


You know you need something else but you're just not sure what and you're so tired of trying and always failing. I get it because I lived it too but I found my way out and now, I'm here to show you the way. 

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What We'll Do

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your relationship with food by removing guilt, fear and shame so eating becomes joyful and easy


your relationship with self & body by changing thoughts and beliefs that drive self-destructive choices


your brain to change the patterns of behavior that drive self-destructive eating patterns


Anyone can tell you what to eat and everyone sure does try. But trying to stick to what other people say you should or shouldn't eat never works for very long. And then what? You're stuck in "I'll start again tomorrow" mode forever.


Forget the rules, restrictions and deprivation everyone else is trying to force you to follow. I'm here to help you uncover why  you're eating in ways that cause weight gain, and make you feel terrible and, most importantly, with my simple 3 part

process will teach you exactly how to stop. No more dieting, no more endlessly quitting and starting over, no more mindless, stress, emotional or binge eating .

Just freedom from the food, scale & body war.

Why You Need This

The Difference

What People Say

"1000000 freakin stars for this woman right here! I always had a weight and body image issue my whole life but I've lost 80lbs and kept it off.  She is amazing <3"


- Richelle M

Welcome To It's All In Your Head!

The podcast where we'll teach you why the power to change your health, your habits and your life is ...all in your head.

Join us as weight & food coach Roni Davis helps you redefine weight loss and healthy living through habit, belief, and behavior modification at the brain level, so it can actually stick.

"Your podcast changed my life! I have COMPLETELY changed my relationship with food, and so has my husband. By trusting myself, I find I am now picking up an apple rather than crisps and enjoying it because my body wants the nutrients." - Jenna