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Stop Dieting. Start Living.

I guide lifelong dieters to back to health and happiness through compassion, love and Cognitive Eating. 

The Key To Getting A Handle On Weight & Food Struggles Is Understanding What Drives Them

If you've been yo-yo dieting & struggling with food, I know what you're going through. I spent over two decades in the same place.


You've probably been dieting for many years. You know they're not working for you. You know you need something else but you're just not sure what and you're so tired of trying and always failing. I get it because I lived it too but I found my way out and now, I'm here to show you the way. 


You'll learn to change your health, your habits, your life through self-compassion & love - in a way that works for you instead of against you. 

I'll show you how to heal your relationship with food, yourself and your body so you can live the healthy, happy life you deserve, and settle into your ideal weight with grace and ease.


your relationship with food by removing guilt, fear and shame so eating becomes joyful and easy


your relationship with self & body by changing thoughts and beliefs that drive self-destructive choices


your triggers behind mindless, emotional, and binge eating and rewire the habits that cause them

The Difference

Anyone can tell you what to eat and everyone sure does try. But trying to stick to other people's food rules never works for very long. And then what? You waste your entire life in the endless diet cycle of "starting over".

In stark contrast to the rules, restrictions and deprivation everyone else promotes, I'll help you uncover why you're eating in ways that cause weight gain, and make you feel terrible and, most importantly, how to change it. Forever. No more food rules. No more endlessly quitting and starting over.

You'll gain the freedom to eat what you want, freedom from emotional, binge and mindless eating, freedom from the scale & body war. You'll gain trust in your body to know what makes it feel the best and the power to want to make choices that honor your mind and body - because you deserve it.

What People Are Saying

"1000000 freakin stars for this woman right here! I always had a weight and body image issue my whole life but I've lost 80lbs and kept it off.  She is amazing <3"  - Richelle M

"OMG! I pulled my jeans belt ONE HOLE TIGHTER for the first time in a year! Effortlessly. Without even trying. All as a result of being able to be willing to find a gentler, softer way to be at peace and heal the disconnect between my mind and my body. Thank you for your part in that!"  - Sharon T

"I have been on the diet roller coaster most of my life. I have tried every diet on the market. In January of this year I went to one of Roni seminars and it started me on a whole new journey. I finally stopped dieting!! No more starving then eating everything. I now eat like a normal person and exercise every day. I feel amazing and dropped a dress size Thank you Roni, your strength, pride in what you do and knowledge led me here" - Audrey F.

"My relationship with food was a toxic one even as a child. Roni changed my life... literally. I eat what I want, when I want, where I want and I’m finally for the first time at 34 years old, I’m in love with me." - Megan F.

"After just a few weeks with Roni, she helped me end 13 years of bingeing." - Ella G

"My energy is out the roof, my body is letting me know when it is hungry, and most importantly I feel so free of the negative energy that dieting promotes. ALL THE ENERGY I have spent over 50 years on trying to lose weight. Now after 6 weeks, my mind doesn't go there AT ALL! My self talk is compassionate and loving for the first time in my life. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!" - Mary B.

A Gift For You

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to "stick to" anything or why you keep eating things you know make you feel terrible?

Grab a free copy of my ebook, "Why Did I Eat That?!"

You'll learn the biggest mistake you're making when trying to lose weight and what to do instead, how to “stay on track” with your eating, how bad habits are formed, how to break them and a whole lot more.

Welcome To It's All In Your Head!

The podcast where we'll teach you why the power to change your health, your habits and your life is ...all in your head.

Join us as weight & food coach Roni Davis helps you redefine weight loss and healthy living through habit, belief, and behavior modification at the brain level, so it can actually stick.

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NOTE: While counselors or therapists often use CBT to deal with mental illness or a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or processing trauma, MBCT & cognitive eating does not. My roll as an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, in its most simple form, is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of a client’s self-reflection, decision making, planning for the future, and creating life changes. As an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, I am obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.  

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