Bonus Day

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Your Practices for your Bonus

Today's theme is all about acceptance and commitment.

  1. Continue your practices from days one through five.

  2. Every time you notice yourself fighting reality, practice coming back to acceptance.

  3. Consider, how committed are you? What commitments are you willing to make with yourself to become the version of you you're working towards? What commitments do you need to make to be more aligned with that version? With your higher self?


Note that commitment to continuing to learn, grow, and practice is NOT about how many rules you can follow. Rules come from fear and resistance. Rules are born when we're running from who we are.

"I'm scared of gaining weight, so I'll create all these rules around what I'm allowed to eat and stay committed to trying to follow them."

No. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about staying committed to old ways, I'm talking about being committed to changing them - breaking the rules even. ;)

That’s it 👍

Today's Mantra: I am free to accept myself as I am right now and committed to becoming the highest version of me.