Cognitive Eating Academy

A transformational journey for yo-yo dieters ready to ditch the endless cycle of dieting. End food, weight and body image battles and learn to settle into your ideal weight with grace & ease.

Let's be real. You're a smart lady - a really smart lady. You don't need more food rules and people telling you what you're supposed to eat or when.


You've been on that ride a hundred times - you know it's not working for you.


The real problem is that you feel like you can't stop eating the "bad stuff". You think it's because you're "addicted" to food or sweets or because you have no willpower -- but that's not true.

How do I know? Because I'm Roni and I spent over two decades feeling that way myself (and struggling with emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia for many years). I've also spent almost an entire decade working with other women in the exact same place.


After all that time, I've yet to meet a single woman willing to sell her body to Ben and Jerry for a pint of Chunky Monkey. But I have learned why we end up feeling so out of control with food, and struggling so hard to "stay on track" or find peace in our bodies.

More importantly, I learned the exact steps required to change it.

And now that I have, I've devoted my life to changing that reality for as many other women as possible.


My heart positively lights up when I hear women who used to think they were helpless to ever change, discover the power of their own ability to choose, rather than feeling like victims to their choices.

I've been coaching and training women for almost a decade (over 8 years of that time as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach before switching my focus to weight and food freedom) and in that time, I've heard the same reoccurring comments daily:


"I've been dieting my whole life but I'm heavier than ever. I don't know what's wrong with me."

"Low-carb (or keto, paleo, weight watchers, or whatever) worked so great, I lost all this weight but I'm so stupid because I just put it all back on."

"I wish I was the size I used to be the first time I thought I was fat."

"I hate my body. I can't stand looking in the mirror or at pictures of myself."

"I do so great for a while but I'm such a screw-up, I always just end up falling off track."

"I'm so ashamed of the way I eat."

"I struggle with food the most."

It breaks my heart every single time because I remember what it was like to live that way - to be so beaten down by that constant war in my head that I was exhausted and often dreaded getting out of bed in the morning because I knew it was just going to start all over again.

And it breaks my heart because now I know that it doesn't have to be that way.

That's why I do what I do. I'm on a mission to empower women to release weight, food and body shame, to learn to love and accept their bodies so they actually want to start treating them better and to break free from the diet culture that says they're only worthy of love, acceptance and goodness if the scale displays the "right" number or eat the "right" things.

I spent decades struggling with weight, body image, food, an eating disorder, depression, panic attacks, and an anxiety disorder.


I've also been an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, and a nationally qualified champion figure athlete. I spent 8 years in that world and was successful in it - I've written for bodybuilding websites, was featured by Muscle Insider, and

But I was never really happy or at peace because, like many women, I desperately chased happiness and self-worth through my body and my weight. It never came and the harder I tried to control what was going in, the worse my food issues (and shame) got.  


And the more women I worked with, the more I realized it wasn't just me so I kept studying - psychology, neuroscience, habits and human behavior. I knew there had to be a magic secret formula out there somewhere that would help me (and my clients) actually be able to stick to something and be happy.  It was in those years of searching that I found the truth and my own healing.


And it was through those discoveries and my own healing, that I realized I could transform others in the same way - not superficial exterior weight transformations (that almost never last) - I mean, real, deep, inner transformation.

Because that's what it REALLY takes to change the results we're experiencing on the outside. It takes behavior and habit modification at the brain level because that's where our choices are being driven from - they're being driven by our brains, much of the time at the subconscious level. 



11/10 if I could give a proper rating! I had the absolute pleasure to work with Roni last year and let me tell you, this wizard lady is MAGIC! I was so tired of trying and always failing, always! I remembered feeling so desperate and so lost with trying to get myself back. My relationship with food was a toxic one even as a child. Roni changed my life. I eat what I want, when I want, where I want. I’m finally for the first time at 34 years old, I’m in love with me! I wear whatever makes me comfortable but most importantly I don’t look at myself and self doubt and disgust. I go out and don’t feel bad for eating, and I freaking enjoy my life! My kids have a happy, confident and healthy mom, and that I can never repay Roni for. I may not be a cover model but I’ve stopped hiding myself and allowed me to be me again... and I’ve been given the determination to walk to away from all things negatives, and seek nothing but positive.

Do yourself a major favor and get this girl as your trainer! As a life coach and as life changer. I can’t tell you the demons she freed, and I am thankful for her every single day... and so are my skinny jeans. Much love Roni!"
 - Meg F.


1000000 freakin stars for this woman right here! I started back around 5 years ago with Roni, always had a weight issue and body image issue my whole life and I just wanted to be "skinny ".


I've lost 80lbs and kept it off, have a way better understanding on what foods to eat and what to stay away from, my body image towards myself has done a total 180!


She is amazing and I owe a lot to her for my daily life for the last 5 years. <3 "
 - Richelle M.


I finally stopped dieting!! No more starving then eating everything. I now eat like a normal person and exercise every day. I feel amazing. I dropped a dress size as I hardly ever get on a scale anymore. I judge my success by how I feel. Thank you Roni, your strength, pride in what you do and knowledge led me here."
 - Audrey F..


When I came to Roni, I was so done with the years and years of food plans and rules. It was exhausting and disgusting. What I found with her was truth. It was real, it was doable and actually lasting because her process fills you with so much goodness and so much light, that for the first time, you don’t want to give up. Working with Roni has opened a whole new world to me. She created an atmosphere of honesty, and empathy - a safe place that empowers me to be open about my eating habits in ways that I’ve always been too ashamed to ever admit to anyone else. She helped me to look at things from a new perspective, and give myself permission to live in joy. What I loved most is that we stay in the solution, we don’t focus on the problem and by focusing on the solution, the problem just sort of goes away by itself.  I'm actually comfortable in my clothes now. I feel so much lighter. I can so clearly see now, the weight I had been carrying had nothing to do with weight. I wake up now with a smile on my face and a song in my heart, instead of the sense of dread that I used to. I have grown more in these 12 weeks with Roni than I ever have with any psychiatrist, or in any other program I've ever done in more than 30 years of therapy, counseling, or even overeaters anonymous. Before Roni, I had given up... on myself, and on life but she taught me hope and now I know that the best is yet to come. I can never go back to how I lived before - she has forever changed me and OMG, how it feels to finally be free…"
 - Sharon T.


I've always felt like Roni was personally invested in my journey and my success. I started with her because I knew I couldn’t keep doing all those diets. I knew they weren’t working, I knew that somehow I needed to learn how to just to be able to eat and live. Roni’s process allowed me to peel away the layers to get to the root issues. She taught me that what I needed wasn’t more discipline, it was more compassion. Her approach taught me how to enjoy the foods I love in a way that makes weight loss achievable but more importantly I’m not angry anymore. I’m just a happier person in general, and now I know that has nothing to do with my size. And now, I finally live and eat what I want. I don’t even really think about food anymore except in terms of how is it going to make me feel. Guilt & shame are all gone. All that old negotiating in my head over what I should or shouldn’t eat...  I don’t do any of that anymore either. It’s really quite something. But the biggest change I’ve experienced in working with Roni has been that I went from feeling like I was a victim to my cravings and weaknesses to actually having the power to make choices. I’m not a helpless victim to those things anymore."
 - Jess F..


I started with Roni because she was exactly what I had been looking for. I wanted to lose weight and I knew I needed to stop binge eating to be able to do that. Working with her was unlike anything I’d ever done before - the whole anti-diet part of it. This whole concept that in order to get to my ideal weight and stay there, I shouldn’t be on a restricted diet had never occured to me. It makes so much sense now I’ve been through this process, though. It always felt really personal working with her, because she understands exactly what we’re going through she’s not surprised by anything we say. In talking to her and the other members in the group, I finally felt seen, and understood and it was so comforting.  And, gratefully, after just a few weeks with Roni, she helped me end 13 years of bingeing. Not only am I binge free but I am definitely more aware of what I’m eating and think of food as nourishment. I enjoy food again now and I’m no longer scared of “bad” foods. "
 - Ella G.


(when nothing else does)

Cognitive eating works to create freedom because it combines the best practices of mindful eating, intuitive eating and cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that has been one of the most researched and widely used modalities for dealing with a wide variety of mental health issues, including eating disorders and disordered eating for decades.

CBT teaches us to understand the connection between how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors generate our results, in weight loss endeavors but also in all areas of our life. And it teaches us how to manage them all in a more way that supports our physical and mental well-being. 



your relationship with food by removing guilt, fear and shame so eating becomes joyful and easy


your relationship with self by changing thoughts and beliefs that drive self-destructive choices


your triggers behind mindless, emotional, & binge eating and rewire the habits that cause them

Our relationship with food and our weight is formed through the habits, mindsets, beliefs and behaviors that are unconsciously developed a little at a time over the course of our lives and are quite often, destructive - especially for those of us who have a long history of dieting.

My cognitive eating approach is a revolutionary new way to heal those relationships using the power of, and science behind, cognitive behavioral strategies, mindfulness, acceptance and self-compassion.


By targeting the issues at their source you're given the power to change it all, forever.


(and what you get)

You'll get all the tools and support you need to learn why you keep self-sabotaging weight loss or healthy eating efforts, and how to change it. Learn to love the skin you're in and break away from unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns so you can build healthier habits, live more fully and at peace. ​

When you join the Cognitive Eating Academy, each week you'll have access to a new video lesson with short worksheets and new strategies to practice. Personal support, accountability and guidance are available from me once a week in live group coaching calls and every day in the private facebook group. 

  • Live calls for coaching and group support in a fun, loving environment from a community of women who know exactly what you're going through

  • Extra accountability, inspiration and support every day through the week whenever you need it in the private facebook group

  • Lifetime Access: the complete Cognitive Eating online course where you can access the program content any time, day or night, from your phone or computer. 

  • Lifetime Access: to the private Facebook group for extra help and support from me and the other cognitive eating members

I have dedicated my entire life to helping women just like YOU find peace, create freedom, and joy with food and feel at home in her body again. The only question is, are you ready

NOTE: The Cognitive Eating Academy group is currently full.


To join the waitlist & be notified when registration reopens, drop me an email.





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NOTE: While counselors or therapists often use CBT to deal with mental illness or a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or processing trauma, MBCT & cognitive eating does not. My roll as an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, in its most simple form, is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of a client’s self-reflection, decision making, planning for the future, and creating life changes. As an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, I am obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.  

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