What is Cognitive Eating?

It's your new superpower for learning to heal your relationship with food, yourself and your body. With it, you'll learn to rebuild self-trust, compassion, mind-body connection and settle into your ideal weight with grace and ease.

Have you spent years diet hopping and sabotaging your best intentions for eating healthier or losing weight?

I created Cognitive Eating for you.

The relationships we have with food, ourselves and our bodies are formed through the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are unconsciously developed over the course of our lives and those are the things that drive our behaviors - they drive why we eat the way we eat.

We spend more than half of our day, every day, being unconsciously driven by them - then blame ourselves for not being able to "stick to anything" - without ever fully understanding that all we're really doing is repeating patterns that are being driven by our brains and keeping us stuck.

Cognitive eating is a revolutionary new way to change those things at their source - in your brain - because your brain controls everything. Change that, and everything changes.


How Is It Different?

A quick comparison of principles


  • Unsustainable

  • Strict, rigid rules & restrictions

  • Most predictable indicator of future weight gain and worse overall mental and physical health outcomes

  • Only focused on weight & how you look

  • Eat what and when someone else tells you you're allowed -- judgement, guilt, shame ever present

  • Destroys self-trust & your own hunger/fullness cues

  • Creates overeating or binge eating habits & behaviors

  • Destroys self-worth, creates self-punishing rituals

  • Dis-empowering

  • Creates destructive habits that keep us stuck in the diet cycle forever

  • Focus on what you have to eat now (even if it means being miserable) in order to hopefully, maybe, be skinny later.

How many years have you been punishing yourself with all of that? Are you skinny & happy yet?

Cognitive Eating

  • No rules, no focus on weight & nothing to "stick to" because it changes your brain

  • Incorporates the best practices of both mindful & intuitive eating with cognitive-behavioral strategies to create lasting behavior change at the brain level

  • Eat when, how, why, and whatever you want with no judgment, guilt or shame

  • Identify triggers and autopilot habits using CBT strategies and mindfulness & learn how to change them

  • Understand why you're eating in the ways you do and repair your relationship with yourself and your body so you start believing you're worthy of goodness & capable of change

  • Completely empowering - every choice you make becomes completely within your own control

  • Teaches strategies that can be used to improve every single area of your life

  • Focus on how your choices make you feel right now - encourages choices that make you happy and make your body feel good today, rather than waiting until you get skinny to be happy & feel good

Essential Reading

Uncover your barriers to healthy eating and weight loss in this information-packed free download.


Why It Works

When nothing else does

Disordered eating affects more than 30 million Americans. It's characterized by chronic dieting, food issues, unhealthy eating behaviors (on-track, off-track living (diet/restrict/cave/overeat/etc) and the weight, body image and self-worth issues that generally accompany those things.


Diet culture has normalized those things but they are anything but normal. It's an incredibly disruptive and destructive way to go through life that negatively impacts every aspect of life, has complicated causes and can be difficult to break away from.


Cognitive eating works to create freedom from these issues because it is based on strategies derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), combined with meditation, elements of mindful and intuitive eating.

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that has been one of the most researched and widely used modalities for dealing with a wide variety of mental health issues, including eating disorders for decades. Because the causes and risk factors for disordered eating are so interconnected with eating disorders, the same way it effectively treats eating disorders, it's proven effective treating for chronic dieting and disordered eating patterns.

CBT teaches us to understand the connection between how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors generate our results, in weight loss endeavors but also in all areas of our life. And it teaches us how to manage them all in a way that supports our physical and mental well-being. 

You'll learn how to change destructive patterns of behavior (self-sabotage, binge eating, emotional eating, auto-pilot eating, the mean girl voice in your head, excess stress, feelings of overwhelm, low-self-worth) by rewiring your brain. 



Why Cognitive Eating

And why work with Roni?

  • Cognitive eating is based on a combined 3 decades of research, personal and professional experience and almost two years of development and perfecting. It is the exact process she went through for her own healing and recovery -- and it's a system that is both proven and repeatable in others. 

  • Not only a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral coach, Roni was also a champion figure athlete and an award-winning personal training and nutrition and wellness coach for almost a decade so brings a plethora of complete mind-body knowledge & experience to cognitive eating. 

  • She personally lived in the disordered, miserable world of living at war with food and her own body for decades herself, so she knows exactly what's it like - this makes her orders of magnitude more passionate about helping you than just about anyone else.

  • She's not only lived it, she personally found her own way OUT so knows it's possible and EXACTLY how to get there, first hand. And she knows first hand, everything you're going to be feeling and facing along the way.

  • She's been helping other women in same the place do the same thing for almost a decade.

  • You have unlimited 24/7 access to the entire course curriculum online and ongoing support and guidance from Roni whenever you need it and any updates that are made to it for as long as you need it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this make me lose weight?

CE is not a weight loss program - it's a weight freedom program. Cognitive eating helps you examine how your choices are making you feel, why you're making them and how to change them if they're not serving your best interests. So, if weight loss is one of your deepest goals, it can give you tools to figure out why you keep sabotaging your efforts and how to stop so you can ultimately find the success you've been chasing in a way that ends the struggle forever. The ultimate result is freedom from obsessing over your weight ever again, whatever that ends up looking like for you is up to you.

I think I have an eating disorder, will this help me?

If you think you may have an eating disorder or have already been diagnosed, you need to be under the care of a licensed mental health professional. I am not that and cognitive eating is not therapy. Some of the principles may help support professional care, but it is not a stand alone option, nor is it designed to be.

How is this different from mindful or intuitive eating?

It's not really different, it's those things and more. Mindful and intuitive eating elements are both heavily built into Cognitive Eating but cognitive eating goes one step farther and includes cognitive behavioural strategies. When I was trying to find my own freedom and recover from my own weight & food issues, mindfully and intuitive eating alone were not enough for me. I really needed extra help understanding how my thoughts and emotions were impacting my choices and learning to how to change those things.

So, didn't want to just teach mindful eating or intuitive eating because I knew if individually neither of two modalities weren't effective for me (but the combination of all three were) that would be the case for others as well... and CE was born. In my opinion and experience, the CBT elements make it far more powerful and effective but it does very much include mindful eating and intuitive eating elements.

There is one difference between CE and intuitive eating though, IE says you cannot ever lose weight anyway so you shouldn't even ever bother trying. CE says sustained weight loss is possible but not by focusing on weight loss. Stop focusing on weight loss and instead focus on changing the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that caused weight to go on in the first place and let your weight settle itself.

How do I learn more about cognitive eating if I think it's something I need?

Group and private coaching packages open up a few times a year. To get started, pop over to https://www.ronidavis.com/whydieatthat and grab a copy of my free ebook. It will give you lots of information to get you started on your own.

Registration has just re-opened for my Cognitive Eating Academy. For more info or to join: http://www.ronidavis.com/ceagroups

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NOTE: While counselors or therapists often use CBT to deal with mental illness or a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or processing trauma, MBCT & cognitive eating does not. My roll as a coach, in its most simple form, is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of a client’s self-reflection, decision making, planning for the future, and creating life changes. As an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, I am obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.  

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