Reset and Renew

Your health, your habits and your life

Break your internal barriers to change with this realistic & sustainable reboot for your health, your habits, and your life.


You've been dieting and setting resolutions for long enough. You know they're not working for you. You know you need something else.

But you're just not sure what and you're so tired of trying and always failing. 


Setting the same weight loss resolutions every year and likely have been for years, or even decades

Waking up every single morning vowing to "be good with food today!" only to always end up "screwing up" by bedtime or living in perpetual "I'll start again, Monday" mode.

Struggling with insecurity, body shame or a poor body image, feel badly about yourself for your size or shape and live by the number on your scale​

Struggling with mindless, autopilot eating, or maybe even binge, and emotional eating

Not even really able to enjoy food anymore because all you feel is guilt and shame after eating and living with an inner dialogue that's far too loud and far too mean

I get it because not only have I spent over decades living the same thing, I've been training and coaching other women who also have for almost a decade. And the good news for you?

I cracked the code on how to really change it all and I want to share it with you.


  • how to stop feeling terrible about yourself for the way you eat or what you weigh

  • how to repair your relationship with food & your body & start making choices for your body from a place of love and trust

  • how to remove guilt & shame when you eat so you actually start enjoying food again

  • how to use the power of cognitive eating to stop mindless, emotional and binge eating

  • how to break unhealthy or self-destructive habits or patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck

  • how to create healthy eating, moving and self-care habits 

  • how to manage your inner critic and stop letting self-doubt rule your life

  • how to better manage stress, cultivate happiness from within and stop being controlled by your emotions

  • how to stop trying to rely on motivation to "stay on track"  and build your new habits into your life in a way that feels good and actually sticks

  • how to foster self-kindness and self-compassion, and why those things are so important


"Roni helped me lose the weight (and actually keep it off) but she gave me so much more than that -  she helped me become a happier, better mother and person."


—  Kelsey, K

Hi, I'm Roni and I went on my first diet in my teens. This was followed by two decades of hating myself as I slowly gained more and more weight and felt guilty whenever I ate something "bad."


I spent those years struggling with weight, food (mindless, emotional and binge eating), an eating disorder,  depression, panic attacks, and an anxiety disorder.


But I've also been a nationally qualified champion figure athlete, written for bodybuilding websites, was featured in Muscle Insider magazine, by and spent almost a decade helping people transform their bodies as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach.


After over two decades of my own personal weight & food struggles and almost a decade in the weight loss/fitness industry, one thing has become abundantly clear to me: our population isn’t struggling with weight loss or living healthier lives because they don’t know how or have enough different ways to lose fat fast. They’re struggling because the way our brains are wired makes none of it sustainable. 


So I left the fitness industry to become a speaker, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral coach, and created Cognitive Eating. This allows me to guide and support people to live healthier lives through behavior and habit modification at the brain level, where it counts and will stick because our brains control everything - our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and the unconscious habits and behavior that result from those things. When we change those, everything changes - and it changes forever.


Eating should be easy

And feeling at home in our bodies should be natural.  Healthy living, and even weight loss, shouldn't be about other people's rules, restrictions, deprivation or suffering.

I'm the gal that's going to help you live healthier from a place of joy and love. I'll teach you how to start wanting to make choices that make you feel amazing because you deserve to feel that way. I'll teach you self-trust, self-compassion, to learn to connect with, listen to, and honor your own body's needs. 


Together, we'll walk through the exact steps required to have a healthy relationship with food, and your body so you can prioritize and nurture both your mental and physical health in ways that retrain your brain so it all becomes your new normal. There's no track to ever fall off because we are literally changing your brain.


Everyone else wants to tell you what to eat or how to move. But that never lasts because you can never stick to it and you can't stick to it because they're all ignoring the WHYs.

WHY are you eating the way you're eating? Why do you keep "screwing up" and "falling off track"? Why can't you stick to anything no matter how hard you try? Why do you keep skipping out on moving your body more? (spoiler alert: it's NOT because you're lazy, like you've been telling yourself)

It's not about the what. It's about the why.


That's the one huge piece of the puzzle that you've been missing and what makes this different and why this works when nothing else does.


When we tap into the power of cognitive eating to uncover and change the thoughts, habits, and behaviors that are unconsciously driving our choices, EVERYTHING changes. Forever. And that's exactly what we'll be doing in Reset & Renew.

Reset and Renew is a 6 week, whole-person wellness masterclass to help you break internal barriers to success. It's a realistic and sustainable reboot for your health, your habits, and your life.


Over the course of 6 weeks you'll get weekly videos, .pdfs and growth-work sheets to help you begin changing everything.


Successfully making health goals stick isn't about doing everything at once and it's not about strict meal plans and workout regimes that make life miserable.


Simple and consistent switches that make your life better truly is the key to lasting success and that will be our focus. I'll teach you the simplest tools available that will have you feeling better quickly while creating the biggest long term results.

Every single element in Reset and Renew has been carefully crafted with decades of knowledge and experience to set you up for real, lasting success in 2020. We'll go deep to address the real issues that have been keeping you stuck and you'll get the support you need to overcome whatever has been in your way.


  • 6 weekly videos breaking down every step & strategy you need to create massive change

  • Weekly growth-work worksheets for each video to help you start getting clarity and making change 

  • Live weekly coaching calls for all the extra support, clarity, and guidance you need

  • All the masterclass content any time, day or night, available at your fingertips from your phone or computer

  • Lifetime access to me in the private Facebook group, the masterclass content plus any bonuses and future edits/upgrades

All the tools and support you need to learn why you keep self-sabotaging resolutions, weight loss or healthy eating efforts, and how to change it. Learn to love the skin you're in and break away from unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns so you can build healthier habits, live more fully and at peace. ​




You may be reading this and feel scared to try. You're likely doubting yourself and your ability to ever really change. But I know you because I did and I was you. And not only have I changed, I've spent almost a decade helping other women just like you do the same - women who feel like they've failed at everything else. 

I'm giving you the exact same tools we've used soo, why not you, too?

Do one thing for me. Close your eyes and breathe.

Picture the version of you that you is somewhere inside you. Picture the happy, vibrant, free version of you that you dream of.

What does she want? More importantly, what does she NEED?  That's your answer.