Day Three

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Your Practices for Day Three

Day three is all about forgiveness and gratitude. Watch the video then refer to the practices below and your workbook for your homework.

  1. Continue your practices from days one and two.

  2. Spend some time considering anything you may be holding on to that requires forgiveness. Your past? Your food choices? Your body/weight? Set an intention to forgive yourself for all of it.

  3. Spend some time practicing gratitude. How many things about your life can you find to be grateful for? How many things about yourself and your body can you find to be grateful for?

That’s it 👍

Today's Mantra: I am free to forgive myself & my body & choose to live with gratitude for all that I am.

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Or download the online version to fill out on your computer:

Instructions for using the online version of the worksheet:

If you're using the online version of the worksheet, please make sure you click "FILE" in the top left corner, then "MAKE A COPY" before you begin to fill out the form. (see the video provided) >


If you skip this step and fill out the original copy of the form, everyone in the group (there are over 120 of you!) will see your answers and you risk having them get overwritten. Make sure you save your own copy and then fill it out. 


f you'd like me to review, or give you feedback on, your answers, simply hit "SHARE" in the top right corner of your screen when you're done filling it out and send it to me. My week is devoted to taking you through this course this week so I'm waiting to hear from you. :)  

Day's End Journal Prompts


Take a few minutes to reflect on your day and consider or journal about the following:

  • Were you able to remember some of your practices from day one and two?

  • Did you identify any things you'd like to forgive yourself for?

  • How many things were you able to find to be grateful for?

  • Celebrate your successes, no matter how small, and build on them tomorrow!