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NeighborsThe Weather Files : Season 4 Episode 5 REPACK

A specific evaluation of the VPR identification module was carried out by analyzing 489 rainfall episodes gathered by a subset of eight radars from the French radar network. The conceptual model of VPR, which relies on the freezing-level height and three shape parameters (brightband peak, brightband thickness, and upper-level decreasing rate), was shown to be quite relevant in reproducing the actual profiles of reflectivity. A climatology of the three shape parameters was established in order to better define the family of VPR candidates. The radar-derived freezing-level heights were shown to be in quite good agreement with the radiosounding data. Better agreement was obtained with the dry 0C isotherm height than with the analogous wet-bulb temperature.

NeighborsThe Weather Files : Season 4 Episode 5



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