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Who Buys Generators

Have an unusable generator that is taking up useful space in your facility? Scrap Metal Buyers can help you by offering top dollar cash for your asset without any hassle. Scrap Metal Buyers deals in buying surplus and used generators at cost-effective rates, prompting you to make money off used diesel, natural gas, and backup generators. We deal with leading brands like Volvo, Generac, Kato, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Kohler, Detroit, John Deere, Magnate, Cummins, and more throughout the US. You don't have to worry about the heavy lifting and transportation because we are equipped to deinstall it for you.

who buys generators


We offer to buy most generators in any state except for a few limitations. Please send us clear images of your generator with substantial documentation, including the brand and model number or any helpful background checks. Our expert will come back to you with a quote. We offer to come to your doorstep if needed.

We deal in selling refurbished generators at budget-friendly rates. Browse our inventory and let our representative know what you require. We will source the unit you need. All our units are factory tested.

Whether you need to sell used portable electric, natural gas or diesel or generators or any other type of power equipment, you will find that Woodstock Power makes the entire process easy and hassle-free. The easiest and most convenient way is to send us product images and other information via the online form found above. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with a competitive quote. You can also give us a call at 610-658-3242 to discuss your generator with one of our friendly sales representatives.

Woodstock Power is committed to providing the best possible service to equipment sellers. In addition to purchasing individual generators, we can help with larger projects such as decommissioning data centers and gutting large industrial facilities. Our extensive nationwide network of partners throughout the United States enables us to provide these services regardless of where your facility is located.

Woodstock Power is a Philadelphia-area company that makes customer service a top priority. Whether you are looking to buy or sell used generators, our capable staff is available to assist you on a 24/7 basis. Contact us today to learn more about the many advantage of selling your used power generators to Woodstock Power!

Iron Flag buys all major generator brands: Caterpillar (CAT), Kohler, Cummins, Onan, Generac, MTU, Olympian, Katolight, and more. Get started on a free quote in 30 seconds or less, below.

What Types of Generators Does Iron Flag Purchase?Iron Flag purchases all major generator brands: caterpillar (CAT), Kohler, Cummins, Onan, Generac, MTU, Olympian, Katolight, and more. We buy both tier and non-tier rated generators.

We buy used commercial or industrial generators, typically used for businesses, ranging from 50 kw to 2.5 mw. We accept all fuel types, including diesel, natural gas, propane and other fuel types.

MacAllister Power Systems is always willing to purchase used generators from business across the Heartland states and Southeastern states. We will gladly buy functioning gasoline, diesel and natural gas generators from various major brands. With more than 75 years in business to back us up, you can count on us for a fast, easy way to sell your commercial generator.

At MacAllister Power Systems, we make the entire used generator selling process easy. We buy all major industrial generator brands. Note that MacAllister Power Systems does not buy small portable or residential-sized generators. Learn more about what equipment we purchase by reviewing our FAQ page. We purchase industrial generators from:

Providing the best service to our clients is our main priority at MacAllister Power Systems. In addition to purchasing industrial generators, we also have a large inventory of new and used generators for sale. All of our used generators undergo a thorough inspection by our expert staff, and we test each generator to capacity before delivery to our clients. We also provide financing options on all our equipment.

Generator Source purchases new, surplus, and used generators and ancillary power generation equipment such as transformers, automatic transfer switches, electrical switchgear and more. Get cash for your assets quickly and hassle free by selling all your used power generation equipment to us. If you have a good running industrial or commercial sized generator to sell just call one of our purchasing representatives at 877-573-6978 or for a complete review fill out the form below and a purchasing agent will follow-up with you by phone or email. We are in the process of expanding our business and purchasing efforts during 2018 and beyond. We are looking for immediate purchasing opportunities and are prepared to make a top-dollar cash offer and pay via wire transfer if we are interested.

Are you ready to sell your generator? Whether you have used or surplus equipment, our team is ready to make an offer. We buy used generators, surplus equipment, and more to help you cut costs and acquire new equipment.

React Power Solutions wants to buy your engine, generator, or ancillary equipment! Receive a fair, no-obligation offer for your used or new power generation equipment from our experienced team. We are always in search of natural gas and diesel generators and engines, regardless of age or condition.

How it works when we buy used generators: Share your contact information and details of the equipment by filling out the form below. One of our team members will respond or contact you with an estimate in the next 24 hours.

At React Power, we buy used generators as well as new and surplus ancillary power equipment. If you have generator sets taking up space, our team is ready to make an offer on your assets, quick and hassle-free.

Amazon has applied to have 105 diesel generators installed at a new datacenter site in Dublin amid concerns over the impact on electricity networks and the potential for energy shortages across the sector this winter.

The CRU has responded by giving priority to connection applications where the datacenter has the ability to reduce its electricity demand, typically by using its own generators or energy storage capabilities. It is likely that this is behind Amazon's application to have a large number of diesel generators installed at its new site.

Datacenter sites have backup power generation facilities, typically delivered by diesel-powered generators, but some recent reports said that Europe-wide reserves of diesel are lower this year than in previous years, sparking concerns over the ability to obtain supplies of the fuel easily.

Most manufacturers now include carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in their portable generators. Honda announced an initiative to bring it to their entire lineup. These simply measure the level of carbon monoxide near the engine and shut it down if levels get too high. They typically work faster than the ones you can install in your home and do a better job of preventing illness or death due to CO.

Well, thank your stars, because Power Generation Enterprises buys new and used diesel/natural gas generators, commercial generators as well as industrial generators from businesses throughout the United States. With us by your side, you will get the highest available re-sale value for your surplus generators irrespective of the brand.

We purchase used equipment, surplus generators as well as rebuilt or refurbished industrial generator from trusted brands like Caterpillar, Cummins, Kohler, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Volvo, Perkins, etc.

Shepperson thought he could help and make some money, too, so he bought 19 generators. He and his family then rented a U-Haul and drove 600 miles to an area of Mississippi that was left without power in the wake of the hurricane.

He offered to sell his generators for twice what he had paid for them, and people were eager to buy. Police confiscated his generators, though, and Shepperson was jailed for four days for price-gouging. His generators are still in police custody.

\"Any time there is a natural disaster, or a hurricane, an earthquake, the price of the things that people desperately want to have -- batteries, flashlights, generators, water or milk -- they go up. Or they disappear,\" said economist Russ Roberts.

\"People want to live in a world, where love is what motivates people to help others. And love does that. But there isn't enough love to go around. And love for strangers isn't gonna motivate enough people to get in their trucks, to load 'em up with generators, and take 'em down to help people who are cold and hungry,\" Roberts said. 041b061a72


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