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Watch GR Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side Of Dimensions

As a childhood fan of the original series, one of my favorite things about watching this film was getting to listen to the English dub cast again. While I can't call the old Yu-Gi-Oh! dub good by most objective standards, it's certainly one of the most wacky and memorable of those old 4kids affairs. (This has been memorialized in plenty of internet spoofs and memes.) As someone who used to wake up on Saturday mornings specifically to watch the next installment of Yugi's adventures in the Duelist Kingdom, these voices are burned into my memory, and it makes my lizard brain happy to hear them all yelling over card games again. The adaptive writing also sticks to the tongue-in-cheek style of that old dub, full of cheesy one-liners that probably weren't in the original Japanese. If you're one of those fans who harps on that dub's infidelities, you might not be happy with this. But as someone who enjoys hearing these voice actors have fun, I had a good time. There is one possible issue, however, in that chunks of the plot, mostly concerning the exact nature of Aigami's powers, didn't make much sense. It seems like his powers have something to do with dimensions and maybe also ghosts? I don't know if this was any clearer in the Japanese version, but it seems like it might have been. While I can't be sure, mucking up important plots points is also a proud Yu-Gi-Oh! dub tradition, and I wouldn't be surprised if they kept that up.

Watch GR Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions



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