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Ek Hasina Thi Serial All Episodes

Daily News and Analysis rated two and half stars and praised, "The storyline is gripping, fast-paced and slick. It's nice to see a bunch of good looking actors together. The setting in Kolkata, the ambience, the bungalows, the visuals etc speak of high production values. The serial, in short, is easy on the eye." On the other hand, they also said, "All the characters seem to be on edge, which is annoying. Nobody seems to be what they are. More importantly, whether the serial works or not is completely dependent on the actors' performances, especially since it's not a linear story. And so far, they are falling short." Speaking on cast performance they said, Beautiful and sophisticated Simone plays the shrewd and manipulative Sakshi Goenka with elan. Sanjeeda's character is layered, but it's not coming through in her performance. Even Vatsal lacks the edginess both in terms of looks and performance."[20]

ek hasina thi serial all episodes

If durga dies the revenge will have no meaning dev nitya have to be united last scene should b all together with goenkas all either dead or in jail otherwise the serial will leave a bad taste and no sense of victory of destroying evil. If the good are killed msg doesnt go home even dayal should not have died


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