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My passion is in helping people find their homes and investments, from Bishop to Mono City, while exploring the outdoors with my husband and young daughter. I am blessed to be a part of the full-service team at Matthew Lehman Real Estate and look forward to guiding you through all aspects of the buying and selling process and everything in between. Please let me know how I can help you fulfill your dream in the Eastern Sierras!

mammoth buy sell trade

"The gist of the Israel document is to make sure intentional mislabeling doesn't happen so that the mammoth ivory trade doesn't contribute to laundering illicit ivory," says Iris Ho, wildlife program manager at Humane Society International.

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When elephant ivory was legally and widely available in mainland China, some vendors struggled to persuade consumers into buying mammoth items and ended up closing their outlets due to low sales. Those specialising in mammoth ivory and catering to a wealthier clientele were already doing better when Vigne and Martin visited in 2011. With lower imports and rising prices, these specialist vendors believed, the limited commodity would eventually become a profitable investment.

While elephant ivory was banned from mainland China in 2017, it will be available in Hong Kong until 2021. This left a four year window to potentially smuggle ivory purchased legally in Hong Kong into southern China. It is not clear how much mammoth ivory ends up in mainland China every year, but customs data shows that on average 36 tonnes of raw tusks and unworked tusk pieces are brought into Hong Kong every year as there is no import tax. Of that, 29 tonnes of mammoth tusks are re-exported to mainland China.

Israel ended up withdrawing its motion to regulate the trade in long-extinct woolly mammoths, pending further research into the extent of laundering and mislabelling. But there are still major question marks around what stockpiles exist, where manufacturing and sales takes place and how laundering of elephant ivory could be prevented. With a supply chain stretching out across three continents, if not more, the true scale of the mammoth ivory trade will remain in the dark unless traders and governments are willing to publicly release their export and import figures. Until then, any possible solutions will have to be put on ice. 041b061a72


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