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Epson K100 Resetter

Epson K100 Resetter: A Simple Solution for Common Problems

If you own an Epson K100 printer, you may encounter some issues that prevent you from printing properly. For example, you may see an error message that says your ink cartridge is empty after youve refilled it, or that your waste ink pad is full and needs to be replaced. These problems are caused by the chip inside the cartridge or the printer that keeps track of the ink level and the number of prints. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to reset the chip and fix these issues: using an Epson K100 resetter.

epson k100 resetter


What is an Epson K100 Resetter?

An Epson K100 resetter is a tool that can reset the chip inside the ink cartridge or the printer to its original state. By doing so, it can clear the error messages and allow you to print normally again. There are different types of resetters for different models of Epson printers. For the Epson K100 printer, you can use either a cartridge chip reset tool or a paperclip.

How to Use a Cartridge Chip Reset Tool

A cartridge chip reset tool is a plastic device with pins that can connect to the pinholes on your cartridge and reset the chip inside. To use this tool, you need to follow these steps :

  • Get the right cartridge chip reset tool for your Epson K100 printer. You can search online for Epson cartridge chip reset tool along with your printer model (e.g., WT-7620) and compare the pins on the tool with the pinholes on your cartridge.

  • Remove the empty ink cartridge from your Epson printer.

  • Line up the ink cartridge with the marks displayed at the base of the chip reset tool.

  • Press the pins on the reset tool firmly into the chip contact holes. The LED on the tool may blink several times to indicate that a connection is being made.

  • Remove the chip reset tool when the LED turns green. This means that the chip has been reset successfully.

  • Reinstall the ink cartridge into your printer and print a test page.

How to Use a Paperclip

If you dont have a cartridge chip reset tool, you can also use a paperclip to reset your Epson cartridge chip. However, this method only works if there is a single pinhole on the small green microchip on the bottom or side of the cartridge. To use this method, you need to follow these steps :

  • Locate the pinhole on your cartridge. It should be near or on top of a small green microchip.

  • Straighten out a paperclip and insert it into the pinhole. You should feel some resistance as you push it in.

  • Hold the paperclip in place for about 10 seconds. This should reset the chip inside.

  • Remove the paperclip and reinstall the cartridge into your printer.

  • Print a test page to check if it works.

Benefits of Using an Epson K100 Resetter

Using an Epson K100 resetter can help you solve some common problems with your printer and save you money and time. Here are some benefits of using an Epson K100 resetter:

  • You can use up all the ink in your cartridge without wasting any. Sometimes, even if you refill your cartridge, your printer may still report that it is empty because of the chip. By resetting the chip, you can use up all the ink until it runs out completely.

  • You can avoid replacing your waste ink pad unnecessarily. Your printer may also tell you that your waste ink pad is full and needs to be replaced after a certain number of prints. However, this may not be true as some ink may still remain in the pad. By resetting your printer using a paperclip, you can clear this error message and continue printing until your waste ink pad is really full.

You can save money and time by not buying new cartridges or waste ink pads. By using an Epson K100 resetter, you can extend the life of your cartridges c481cea774


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