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I'm the gal that's going to help you change your health, your habits, and your life.


Hi! I'm Roni and I spent over 8 years in the fitness industry as an award-winning trainer/nutrition and wellness coach & nationally qualified figure champion.

I also spent over 12 years studying, eating, breathing, & living not just weight loss and nutrition but also, more recently neuroscience and behavioral psychology. 

In my past fitness life, I worked with the best of the best in entire

fitness industry – Oxygen magazine cover models, Olympia

winners and nobody knows more about fat -loss and body recomposition than champions in the bodybuilding world. 

I’ve been a nationally qualified figure champion, an
award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness
coach, I’ve written for bodybuilding websites, I’ve been featured
on, in one of their print ads and in Muscle
Insider magazine. So, I know the fitness industry, I know weight
loss, I know bro-science, and I know fad diets.


I also spent over 2 decades struggling with my weight, food an eating disorder, depression and anxiety/panic attacks - so I know your struggles.

I went on my first diet (Atkins) in my teens & somewhere around 115-120lbs but I had no self-worth so I thought I was fat and that being skinnier would make me happy. I gained about 5lbs on that first attempt and it started a nearly 2 decades-long battle with food, continued weight gain and repeated, failed weight loss attempts. 


By my early thirties, I was overweight and living at war with myself, my body and food. A war that, at its worst, resulted in a hospitalization for bulimia and my going to bed many nights feeling like I was going to die in my sleep I had eaten so much. It often literally felt like I was trying to kill myself with food.

My story is extreme but every day for the over eight years I worked as a trainer and nutrition/wellness coach, almost every single client I had said the same thing: "I struggle with food the most".  Almost every single one of them were living with varying degrees of disordered eating and had been struggling to diet their weight problems away for literally their entire lives. 

As I worked on my own healing, I spent a lot of time reading, studying behavioral psychology, neuroscience, myself, disordered eating - anything I could get my hands on that I thought might answer the two biggest questions I had: "Why I am like this?" How the hell can I just make myself stick to something?" and then eventually, "What do I need to do to just be happy and free from this all-consuming weight & food obsession?"

The answers I got were complicated because weight & food struggles are complicated but they were so powerful transformative in my own life, they made me decide I needed to leave the fitness industry and start helping people change the actual causes of weight & food struggles - so they'll actually be healthy and happy!

So, I took a mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral coaching course, created Cognitive Eating and am on a mission to change the way our world views bodies, weight loss and healthy eating.


In my world now, there's no more shame or fear around food, only trust and love.

"From the moment I met Roni I knew she would create positive change. Roni is a beautiful public speaker and workshop facilitator that cares deeply about her clients wellbeing. Her honest and real life approach is a refreshing change, and I highly recommend her services."​
- Lori Westbury: Maritime Meditation

"Thought provoking,  inspiring and practical are words that summarize Roni Davis. I have been following Roni's words of inspiration and I'm always motivated to review my thoughts and practices, while exposing my inner struggles. Roni has a gift for offering simple solutions that make a big impact."​
- Bernice Williams: Intentional Connections

Work With Me

The CE Academy

A six week group coaching course that takes you and a small group of other women through my signature, Cognitive Eating system.

VIP Coaching Package

This is a full-service 6 month investment in YOU. We'll work together closely to do a deep dive into all your sticking points privately, one on one.

Book A Session

Not ready for a full coaching package but need some personalized direction and support? Book a private one on one call with me.

"Roni has a true gift for helping women heal themselves & their relationship with food through permission to love themselves just as they are - which, as we know, is where real transformation happens."​
- Heidi Davis: Heidi Davis Coaching

"Roni is extremely knowledgeable about health, wellness and the mind-body connection. I recently interviewed her on my podcast. She was phenomenal & the information she gave helped so many people. I highly recommend her."​
- Maurice Flournoy: The New Mind Creator Podcast

"Roni is a unicorn....she’s one of those people who motivates and butt kicks at the same time, empowering you to be your best you. She’s smart, funny and tells it like it is (and how it should be - research based and realistic)."​
- Jennifer MacDonald, BA, BEd, MEd, CCC

The Podcast

The podcast where we'll teach you why the power to change your health, your habits and your life is ...all in your head.

Redefine weight loss and healthy living through habit, belief, and behavior modification at the brain level, so it can actually stick.

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Download your free copy of "Why Did I Eat That?!" and learn how to identify and understand your barriers to weight loss and healthy eating.

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