10 Reasons To Stop Dieting

Diets are not individualized. They don't take into account your likes, dislikes, habits or how your body responds to certain foods. Deprivation & restriction doesn't work long term nor is it healthy or even necessary. Dieting is stressful on the body. Diets aren't sustainable & train your brain to fail. Diets don't take into account why you gained weight in the first place. Diets are focused purely on weight, not wellness. Diets create binge eating behaviors. Diets teach you to ignore hunger cues & stop trusting yourself to make the most basic of human decisions for yourself. Diets keep you from enjoying food.. or life. Research presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (2014) found that, “The younger a woman was when she started her first diet, the more likely she was to use extreme weight control behaviors like self-induced vomiting, misuse alcohol, and be overweight or obese when she reached her 30’s.” Dieting not only doesn't work, it puts you at risk, makes you less happy and healthy and destroys your self worth. Diets are not the answer. They're part of the problem.

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NOTE: While counselors or therapists often use CBT to deal with mental illness or a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or processing trauma, MBCT & cognitive eating does not. My roll as a coach, in its most simple form, is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of a client’s self-reflection, decision making, planning for the future, and creating life changes. As an MBCT & cognitive eating coach, I am obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.  

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