Best Advice For Holiday Eating That Won't Leave You Full Of Regret in The New Year

Ahh, holiday eating! Who's already feeling stuffed, full of regret and planning their January "get back on track" goals? I get it, that soo used to be me. I'd almost even fear the holidays for how gross I knew I was going to feel and of course the weight gain that came with it. It was a constant war in my head between what I felt like I was "supposed" to be eating so I could fit into that cute outfit and not look bloated and what I actually wanted to eat... which was allll the things... alllll the days. But I'm here to tell you that it DOESN'T have to be like that! I'm proof you can change it! You can eat and enjoy everything you love, WITHOUT feeling all bloaty and sick or like you're "off track" and "being so bad". This is the simplest, yet best holiday eating advice you will ever get... 1️⃣ Eat whatever you want and enjoy it with NO restrictions. Feeling like you're bad for eating "bad" things or you "can't" have those things anymore after the holidays are over and you "get back on track" is a HUGE contributing factor to overeating and bingeing. Stop telling yourself that. BUT before you eat, take a quick second to consider how what (and how much) you're about to eat will make you feel and whether or not you want to feel that way. If you're at a get together with people who tend to push food on you and you don't want to eat until you're uncomfortable you can reply with things like, "No thanks I ate before I came", "I already had some, it was delicious", "I'm full from having too much of something else but I'd love to take some home" ...etc. Get creative but honor your own wants and needs over anything else. If someone else chooses to get their feelings hurt because you don't want to eat yourself sick, that's their problem, not yours. ;) Honor YOUR body's wants and needs. Always. 2️⃣ If you decide you don't care how it makes you feel and you do end up overindulging or downright bingeing, this is where often people feel discouraged. "See, I knew it, I knew it wouldn't work for me because I'm just a hopeless pig and can't control myself" is a common belief that can make us feel like we're broken beyond any hope for change - common but wrong. If you go through the process of stopping before eating something that you KNOW is going to make you feel like crap and you don't care, that's not time to give up on yourself, that's an incredible insight that you NEED to begin understanding WHY you're doing that. But the most important thing is, do NOT beat on yourself. No guilt, shame, or judgment allowed -- it only makes you feel worse and puts you at risk of making more self-destructive choices for yourself. Put it behind you & move on. Aim for having something that makes you feel good at your next meal and for making less destructive choices the next time you're out celebrating. Notice when and where those incidents tend to happen. How are you feeling? What do you REALLY need that you're using food to soothe? Why are you punishing yourself with food? The holidays are notorious for causing stress (and distress) so if you're an emotional eater, they will be particularly tough until you learn to better manage your emotions without food. Let that be okay because beating on yourself for it only makes it worse. (3️⃣ Bonus tip: keep moving! Just because it's the holidays and perhaps you're not actively trying to lose weight or you're feeling "off track" with your usual workouts, or whatever, doesn't mean you shouldn't still be looking for ways to get some movement in every day. You'll just feel better if you do. Even just a few minutes of gentle stretching every day and some outdoor walks can do a world of good for the way it feels to live in your body. ☺️ ) Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday! <3

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