Mindset Switch: Ditch the "on track" vs "off track" thinking

“I was doing so good but ugh, I’m so off track now! How do I get back on track?!” Common thoughts, yes? Common, and also counterproductive.
This mindset switch is actually based on one of The Four Agreements as discussed in the book by Miguel Ruiz and it changes everything. He says, the best we’re capable of changes from day to day and I could not agree more.
Your best when you’re well fed, well rested, well hydrated and life is going well will not be at all the same as your best on a day that you’re exhausted, cranky, pms’ing, hungover, vacationing, sick, overwhelmed, stressed, etc. Typically, on our toughest days, the best of intentions get chucked out the window in lieu of all the things we know aren’t necessarily good for us. All of a sudden we’re “off track” ...agaaaaain... and beating on ourselves for it. We’re feeling crappy because we’re making choices that aren’t the best, and we're making ourselves feel worse with self deprecation. We feel guilty and bad because “goals” and being “off track” means we’re screwing up and blowing it. Sound familiar? It’s a pattern that many spend yearssss battling -- I know because I used to be one of them, and I still see it in others every single day. BUT – by deciding to just skip the track entirely instead of continuing to hop on and off it and instead beginning to make choices based on what our best is on any given day we’re never on or off. "Back on the healthy eating wagon!" and "I fell off the healthy wagon again, ugh!" just doesn't happen when we're always just taking a second every day to decide what our needs are and what our best is, on any given day. We don’t beat on ourselves for “being bad” or “falling off” and we don’t struggle to, or feel guilt and frustration over, getting “back on”. Wake up every morning and ask “how do I feel?” What am I capable of doing today that reflects my best today based on that?” Maybe it’s a great day and you’re capable of everything. Maybe you’re sick and only barely capable of getting in the shower. Maybe you’re struggling with anxiety and depression and today the best you’re capable of is a 5 minute meditation and a glass of water. Maybe you’re an emotional binge eater and life just dealt you a blow that you’re not able to deal with any other way so your best today is only eat half your body weight in potato chips instead of your entire body weight. I know this feels like we're "giving ourselves a pass" for screwing up but it's not. It's learning to react to being human in a more productive way. By determining your current situation every morning and deciding what your best looks like on that day you’ll always be proud of yourself instead of always beating on yourself. That one change makes a world of difference. You're way more likely to keep making good choices for yourself if you're feeling happy, satisfied, proud and worthy because you did your best than if you're always feeling defeated, guilty and self deprecating over being "off track". So… every morning take a few seconds to ask yourself: How do I feel? How do I want to feel? What am I capable of doing today to reflect my best based on those two considerations? And it doesn’t hurt to take a few seconds mid to late day to reassess. 😊

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