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Discover a transformative journey towards a deeper connection with your body and food through the PEACE practice. This journal is your companion in exploring Embodied Cognitive Eating Training, a unique approach that emphasizes self-love, trust, and connection.Embodied Cognitive Eating Training (ECET) is a transformative approach that shifts the focus of eating and self-care from external control to internal awareness. It empowers you to reconnect with your body, understand your emotional triggers, and make choices rooted in self-love, trust, and compassion rather than fear, control, and restriction.Grounded in the recognition that our conditioning and emotional states drive our eating habits, ECET offers a revolutionary way to create peaceful, loving, and supportive relationships with food, self, and body. By embracing the philosophy of healthy eating and living by doing less and being more, ECET helps you explore the underlying reasons behind your cravings and address them in a healthy, nurturing manner. This approach enables you to break free from cycles of restriction and bingeing, fostering a sense of peace and self-compassion in your journey towards well-being.This journal provides daily prompts, reflective exercises, and supportive guidance to help you integrate these principles into your life. Start your journey towards embodied, intentional eating and experience the peace that comes with true nurturing.

PEACE Journal

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