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"I maintained a healthy weight and never even thought about food or my weight until I was 18 and starting dating a guy who was a runner and always consumed with weight. It sucked me and started a decades long struggle with weight gain, roller coaster dieting, food and my weight fluctuating wildly with repeated weight loss and gain." Rosa L.

"I started my first diet at 10 years old and have continued on the diet, restrict, over-exercise, binge cycle for 38 years. I am nearly 49 years old.  I struggle with body acceptance. I know that part of the answer lies in loving and accepting myself.  I hate my fat arms and fat legs.  I have always been the "big girl" with the weird body shape." Paula S. 

"I started my first diet at 17 weighing 115lbs and thinking I was fat. I continued on this diet train until my 30's. That train started with the 'Cabbage Soup Diet' and made stops at: Shakeology, IT Belly Wraps, Garcinia Cambogia pills, Fasting etc. By the time I finally found my way out, I was in the 170's. I quick-fix dieted from 117 to over 170lbs." Amelia D.

"I went on my first diet in my teens & somewhere around 115-120lbs. As a result, I spent the next 20 years slowly gaining more and more weight -- I ended up overweight and in a full-fledged war with myself, my body and food -- a war that resulted in my needing to learn how to dig myself out of a full-blown eating disorder that got so severe I was hospitalized and often felt like I was trying to eating myself to death. The saddest thing? In the middle of that full-blown eating disorder, I was technically a 'diet success' story because I had beaten the odds and actually lost weight... eventually." Roni D.

"My story begins in grade 3 when my mother was leaving me tomatoes for an after school snack while chips ahoy were in the cupboard. By grade 8 I had anorexia, I ate 1.25 cups of rice crispies with a quarter cup of milk each meal, three times a day. My weight was under control until university. Then it went hell west and crooked. I weighed 155 when I got married which I though was heavy but looking at pics would love to be there. Twenty years of dieting later -- I am 190 and still desperate to lose weight." Carol T.

"I have been a lifetime member of ww since age 14. I have tried every diet known to woman. I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds on my five foot frame. I have suffered from low self esteem as a result of being tortured and made fun of growing up and continuing in high school. I have struggled with body image all my life. I know that is why I never got married." Catherine K.

"I have tried the quick fix diets - Isagenics, Garcinia Combogia pills, Keto, and more. I have never been THIN - I have always been a "BIG GIRL" and for the most part if you ask me - I was ok with that but NOT REALLY. Deep down I struggled with my looks, I hated not being able to shop where I wanted, being jealous of those pretty girls in magazines. I never felt good enough - didn't matter what the situation was." Wendi B.

Like most kids, I had many sources feeding me the narrative “diet now if you never want to have to diet.” In other words, they equated healthy eating with dieting and made it seem like, if I did not start dieting early, I would be unhealthy and would need to go on a strict diet later in life. Though I was always passed as thin to average body, doctors were constantly asking me about my eating and exercising habits because 1. I went through puberty later than my peers and had a little baby pudge around my belly longer than most people my age. 2. I was a dancer that practiced 3+ hours a day and had a lot of muscle. It is amazing to me now that, as a teen who never wore more than a size 2 or 3 jean, doctors were always telling me to “be careful” because my BMI was creeping up. 


I was also fed the lie that dieting is healthy eating from my school. Like most students, I have been mortified fairly-public during gym weigh-ins. I also experienced a health class in my mid-teen years where we used our activity level and BMI to determine how much we could eat. That was when I started thinking I had to exercise off everything I ate, or consistently eat less. Luckily, I was still practicing dance 3+ hours a day so I had little immediate problems. However, the second my dance season ended I began secretly restricting breakfast and lunch because I was convinced that I would gain a bunch of weight if I did not. 


When I was in a period of restricting I used apps like My Fitness Pal to determine the caloric value of my foods. The online community introduced me to tracking macros as well as calories, and soon I was on a low-cal and Keto diet. Because my parents liked to eat carbohydrates we did not have much Keto-friendly food in our house. Therefore, I did not eat much. I don’t think Weight Watchers realizes how scary it can be to train your brain to think a food is “bad,” only to learn it is all your mom bought for that day. You feel trapped. You feel scared. You feel not in control. And those feelings, coupled with a body that is not getting proper nutrition, spawns eating disorders. 


I never stopped eating when I was anorexic. I ate three “meals” a day. However, I had learned how to restrict so well that I was not getting half of the calories I needed. I dropped half my body weight and and almost died. I was hospitalized for a month (costing my family $100,000), I relapsed the second I was released, and then I finally recovered through a Family-Based Therapy program (FBT or Maudsley method). I lost my ability to have children, my scoliosis got worse, and I still suffer from vitamin deficiencies due to my dieting. I went from a straight ‘A’ student to one who could barely get a C- because I was too preoccupied with dieting.  - Ashley Mattei

I've spent the past 30 odd years on and off diets. Mainly WW and slimming world. They have caused me to have binge eating disorder and a massive self hatred of myself. I went to classes with my mum..from about 8..this is how it started. I was not eating foods that weren't "free" and I was afraid of "syned" foods. By 13 I was "squishy" (my grandads term who always knew diets were a load of crap) and I hated myself..I'd look in the mirror and cry...roll on to my early 20s and I was doing the slimming world classes..I'd join...lose a few stone...quit because I was hungry and fed up... I'd then binge for weeks and put the weight and some back on... this cycle has gone on for 20 fact I only came off slimming world last here I am..40 years old... I'm tired...tired of hating myself...exhausted from fearing foods I enjoy... sad that my daughter sees me broken...afraid that it's effecting my marriage... I want to live... its taken me half my life to see... because the diet industry got me...when I was vunerable..a child.. I don't want this for our children... to live like I have...I want it to end...They should be free of this...we all should be...  - Lindsay Berry

Aren't we sick to death of this yet?



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