Promoting the harsh reality of weight stigma, dieting and the diet culture that has made sacrificing our mental health in pursuit of skinny, not only normal, but expected.

This is

The Real Diet Story.

The truth about what dieting, diet culture and weight stigma is doing to us -- the truth that no one ever taught us & we've all been too ashamed to talk about.

There is no shortage of weight loss "inspiration" via people's progress pics or about how to get that perfect bikini body -- but what's the real story? What's the real-life human on impact on this obsession with skinny and is it even really working? And what happens after the after pics are posted?

The Real Diet Story aims to we aim to answer those questions by telling the stories of real people and the impact its all had on their lives, to counter the endless supply of "success" stories with the truth behind the "successes".

Diets promise quick and easy happiness but all they deliver is a lifetime of keeping us spinning our wheels repeating the same trap. 

At best, we're spending our entire lives hating our bodies, at war with food, desperately trying to diet the weight away and it's just making us heavier and blame ourselves for it.

At worst, we're killing ourselves with eating disorders.

And we're living everything in between.

Diet culture has become so pervasive that it has normalized disordered eating and made hating our bodies, expected -- and because we blame ourselves for how much we're struggling, we're living with too much shame to ever talk about its devastating consequences.

It's time for change.

"I've been dieting most of my life but I'm heavier now than I've ever been. I don't know what's wrong with me - I just can't stick to anything and I feel so fat and disgusting."

- the majority of people who have ever dieted


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