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We're busy working on all kinds of exciting stuff for the New Year, including a facelift, so check back soon for a brand new look! In the meantime, you can download a copy of my special (and free), the holiday edition of Why Did I Eat That? below.


This is for you... 

The holidays are a notoriously tough time of year, food-wise. It's everywhere, all the time and holiday stress makes it feel extra hard to avoid overeating or feeling guilty for over-indulging.

Most people are spending this month in "all you can eat" mode, ignoring their health, waiting for the New Year to "get back on track" or set more weight loss resolutions. The same ones they likely set every single other year. With that in mind, I've created a special holiday version of my "Why'd I Eat That?" eBook and I'm offering it free, as my holiday gift to you.

Have you ever wondered that? Wondered why you can't seem to stick to anything, why you keep eating stuff that you know makes you feel like crap, why you find yourself half through a bag of potato chips before you even realize what you're doing? You need this!

Some Of What's Inside:

  • Tips for surviving the holidays without that dreaded holiday hangover in January 

  • Tips for setting weight-loss resolutions so they actually stick in 2020

  • How to make sense of what's the best way to eat/lose weight with all the conflicting info out there​

  • The biggest mistake you're making when trying to lose weight or eat healthier and what to do instead

  • Why you keep struggling and "falling off track"

  • How habits are actually formed and why it's important to understand that process

  • The seven biggest consistency killers in your weight loss or healthy eating endeavors

  • ...and more!

The original version of this widely popular eBook had sold on my website for $6.99 but I'm offering this special extended holiday edition as my free gift to you. Grab your copy!